photo_stagingReal Estate Staging

The investment in staging is always less than your first price reduction!”

What is Staging?

Staging is the process of working with the home owner to make certain their house sells quickly and for top dollar. Staging is all about “setting the stage” for potential homebuyers to fall in love with your home. By giving your home the “model home” look, buyers will envision themselves living in your home and ready to move right in. Home builders often furnish and decorate a model so buyers can see the potential of their homes. Most people can’t visualize what a home’s potential is, they must be shown.

The service I am offering is a thorough walk through of your home you are trying to sell. This consists of a one or two hour consultation with you, the homeowner. Giving you on the spot suggestions, to maximize the visual and emotional appeal to the potential homebuyer. The consultation will be immediately followed up with a written, comprehensive report to you. With this report, you will have the knowledge to get your home in order.

Or, if you have a vacant home, Treasured Spaces can fill it with furniture, artwork and accessories to give your home the “model home” look.  Most people struggle to visualize their furniture and accessories in the vacant home.  Empty rooms look much smaller than they really are.

Staging can be as simple as a walk-through, followed by a list of suggestions, or as comprehensive as adding furniture, art & accessories, rearranging furniture, de-cluttering and redecorating rooms. However, when it is done, the results can be dramatic! Staging a home has statistically proven to sell a home faster and for a better price than comparable un-staged homes.


  • Initial home walk through of an occupied home ~ $125.00
  • Real Estate Home Staging ~ $65.00 per hour.
    By giving your home the “Model Home” look you can be
    assured that your home will sell quickly and for top dollar.
  • Vacant Staging Estimate ~ No charge
  • Renting furniture ~ based on number of rooms-2 month minimum
  • Renting art & accessories ~ based on number of rooms-2 month minimum
  • Delivery ~ $75.00

photo_decoratingInterior Redesign

Do you have a beautiful home and great stuff but cant seem to pull it all together? Have you ever dreamed of hiring an Interior Decorator but your budget wont allow it? Or have you hired Decorators before and all they do is sell you expensive furniture and window treatments but don’t really put it all together? If your home doesn’t have the look and feel you want, but you don’t want to spend a fortune making changes, then “Treasured Spaces” One-Day Decorating Service is for you!

Working with the furniture, artwork and accessories you already own, I can create the home of your dreams!

How it works

I come into your home on an initial consultation. We talk about how you want your room to look. I get permission to “Shop” your home for treasures; we set up a redesign date. Then I can come back and transform your room or rooms. When you return your redesign is complete and you can begin enjoying your home in the way you deserve in just one day. And the great thing is you don’t have to buy a thing!


  • Initial Redesign Consultation ~ $25.00
  • Room Redesign ~ $65.00 per hour
    (An average room takes about 3 hours depending upon size)

photo_consultingDecorating Consultation

When you just want to talk about your home and the decisions you will be making. I can give you suggestions on upcoming purchases or just simply where to place your furniture, artwork, etc.


  • Consultation ~ $65.00 per hour
    (Average 1-2 hours)

photo_shoppingPersonal Shopping

If items are needed to complete the look and feel you are after, based on your budget, I can do the shopping for you and find the items you may need. I can even go shopping with you and help you make the right decisions.


  • Shopping ~ $50.00 per hour

photo_paintPaint Color Consultation

Painting a room can give you the most dramatic change in any room. Picking a paint color can be a very intimidating experience. I can help you pick the best color to enhance your furnishings and make your room come to life.


  • Consultation ~ $65.00 per hour