What our clients are saying…

Shelly is fantastic! She knows exactly what is needed/wanted and works hard at exceeding expectations every time! As a corporate housing company we are so grateful to have found Shelly to work with.”

Eagle Corp Apartments

Shelly does a great job. She’s very professional and knows how colors and design should be placed in a room.”

Regina Murphy

Shelly has done a tremendous job in helping us plan the details of our new house, everything from paint and lighting to “the last 10%” of adding decor to bring the space to life. She has made the entire process easy and enjoyable, and the results are outstanding – far better than I could have accomplished on my own! She has a unique ability to see the forest through the trees, and gained a sense of my style without much effort on my part. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for help designing a new home or sprucing up their existing space!”

Jenny Wilkening

I loved working with Treasured Spaces and have already referred them to a friend.  I will continued to do so.”

Michelle Wetmore