Sometimes a little added space is all you need. Whether it’s building a dormer to add a new room or expanding your entire house, Treasured Spaces can get it done. If you want to add a level to your home, we’re the home addition expert in Minneapolis. We’ll provide you with a functional, attractive space that improves your lifestyle.

There are many options when it comes to putting an addition on your home. Additions that start from the ground and go upward could involve work on the foundation, first, second or third floors (or more), and the roof. By adding a level, obviously you’ll benefit from the added space, but another often overlooked advantage is the opportunity it offers to repurpose existing areas. By putting in another floor, you can expand the kitchen, move bedrooms upstairs or finally have driveway space with a new garage.

If you’re in the market for a home addition in Minneapolis, you’re in the right spot. Treasured Spaces offers a smarter approach to adding a level to your home – with our streamlined process, we work efficiently and effectively to provide you with the finest craftsmanship in the area. We won’t be satisfied with our work until you are.

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Add a Level

From Concept to Execution

Adding a level to your home comes from a sense of desire – a desire for a better and more functional home. When you’ve decided that you want to add-on to your home, reach out to a trusted remodeler like Treasured Spaces. We’ll build your idea from conception to reality right before your eyes. When we settle on a design that all parties are happy with, we hand it off to our skilled team of craftsmen, who are ready to build the addition of your dreams.

As we begin the execution of your project, your new home will start to take form. New possibilities will open up as the blueprint jumps off the page and comes to life. As ideas come up throughout the process, plans may need to be modified and you’ll need a versatile team to make the adjustments that you want. With our years of experience, we’ve developed the skills needed to modify your addition plans on the fly.

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Attention to the Very Last Detail

Adding a level to your home requires strong attention to detail. No one provides more expertise in addition construction as the team at Treasured Spaces. Our planning and implementation phases are centered around the goal of providing you with a five-star product that can’t be beat by the area’s other contractors.

Whether you want to add another level because your family is expanding, you want a master loft, or you want to build a remote-access mother-in-law suite above the garage, we provide several layout options that will fit your style. No matter which design features catch your eye, Treasured Spaces will be there from the beginning of your project to the very end and beyond, giving you the high-quality home construction and addition services you deserve.

Best in Industry

We worked with Josh and Treasured Spaces on a major kitchen and main level remodel. Josh was very responsive and accommodating to our questions during the bid process. We also hired our own designer, who Josh had never worked with, but collaborated with extremely well. Our project actually finished on schedule, with no delays!
Adam Clarke   Home Owner
exterior home remodel by treasured spaces