At Treasured Spaces, we strive to be your trusted partner through a wide variety of foundation services. Whether you need helical piers for a new construction project or foundation repair, our team of experts will give you (and your house) the necessary support.

Durable and resilient helical piers provide foundational support that your home or commercial building requires. Derived from the term “helix” which describes the integral shape of the pile, they resemble a giant screw being drilled into the ground, sometimes why they’re referred to as a screw pile. There are many benefits of using helical piles, such as quickness of installation, more affordable and an efficient use of space.

When you’re searching for helical pier services, Treasured Spaces is the team to call. Whatever you need, we’ll design a foundation solution that’s perfect for your needs.

For more information on our helical piers or our custom foundation services, contact Treasured Spaces today!

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About Treasured Spaces Helical Piers Services

Treasured Spaces is committed to being a loyal partner to each and every client we serve with our broad offering of foundation configurations. With our helical pillar installation, replacement and repair, along with our expert team of construction, engineer and design professionals, we’ll get your foundation healthy again in no time.

Foundation repair and related services are often very challenging, complex problems. That’s why you the expertise of Treasured Spaces to help you through the situation. We’ll lay out all of the problems, solutions, costs and timing, and offer recommendations based on our professional experience. When you choose us, you get a partner that you can trust to deliver a successful project on-time and on-budget.

Helical piers have been around since the mid-1800s, with the screw-like design originally intended for use in sandy soil conditions. In today’s world of construction, helical piers have become a mainstay for home and building foundations, road systems, railroads and much more.


How Do Helical Piers Function?

The purpose of helical piers is to provide support for a new or sinking foundation. These steel pipes are fitted with helices at the end, which are plates that resemble screws. These attached helices pull the pier into position rather than pushing it. The piers are installed in an efficient process that doesn’t require a heavy structure to reach capacity. Rather, they are installed with a handheld hydraulic motor that twists the pier into high density stratum. Because of this, there’s minimal excavation required, noise is kept down and installation can take place inside or outside the home. Once in place, steel brackets are then fitted and take-on the majority of a structure’s weight. Much like a screw supports a shelf, helical piers will support your home or building.

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Why Helical Piers?

Helical piers are the preferred choice of the majority of home contractors because they can handle a large variety of load weights, and are ideal for foundational repairs that require angled piering. For example, if a portion of your house is sinking, helicals can lift and provide support for that individual section of the house without relying on its resistance mass. Additionally, these versatile piers can be installed at an angle to straighten and secure a wall that’s starting to bow. When it comes down to it, there are not many residential foundation repairs that this helicals cannot fix.

Another fantastic benefit of helical pillars is the ease of mobility. You can take helicals out whenever you want, or relocate them somewhere else that needs support. For example, lets say you add a third stall on your garage, but there are already piers installed at an angle to support your current garage. Treasured Spaces can relocate the existing piers to support all three stalls, saving you money in the long-run.

Here are a few other reasons that helical piers are often the desired choice of foundation contractors:

-Flexibility. The number of helices can vary based on the job. Added helices strengthen the pier and allow it to break through cumbersome soil composition.
-Broken footings are okay. Helical piers can still use cracked or broken foundation footings unlike their push pier counterparts.
-This system is faster and easier to install, thus reducing the cost of installation.

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We Work With You to Deliver the Foundation Solutions You Need

It’s our goal to not only be a customer-focused business, but a sustainability-focused business as well. We employ all of the environmental and safety best practices, along with the highest quality standards in every project that we take on.

Additionally, with the breadth of our experience installing helical pillars, it allows us to provide our customers with the necessary consultative advice, training and engineering support they require throughout the project. Many competitors simply can’t offer something like that.

Treasured Spaces provides real value, quality and high attention to detail to every foundation project we take on. With our experience, first-class professionalism and work ethic, we’re the local contractor in Minnesota that you can trust to get the job done right.

Our team of construction experts bring unmatched drive to helical pier installation to customers throughout the region. We want to supply our talents to every client, giving them a space that they’re proud to call their own. Whether you want to give your home or commercial building more support, Treasured Spaces is the only contractor committed to truly bringing your vision to life.

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I can’t say enough great things about working with Josh. He and his crew were always professional and produced great results. We really trusted Josh who is fair, honest and down to earth.  We have heard nightmares about non responsive contractors who go way over deadline. This was not our experience. We were concerned such a remodel would upset our elderly neighbors on both sides but they all loved them too! We would use him again for sure!!
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