How to Use The Remodeling Calculator

This calculator will produce a quote that shows the low, midrange and high end estimates for the job that you specify.  For each project you’ll need to determine the project size, material quality, whether it will be a completely new build or a remodel of an existing space, and the region of the US where you want estimate based off of (for Minnesota, choose the Midwest region).

When selecting the material quality, you can assume that Basic and Mid Range will be what is used in most homes looking for a more functional update. The High End and Luxury materials will get you top of the line materials such as marble and granite along with the latest styles for items such as sinks, faucets, and fixtures.

Bathroom Remodeling Cost Estimator

First choose the type of Bath and/or Shower your want in the space, along with any Bathroom details that will need work.  Do your best to estimate the size of the square footage that needs to be worked on. Multiply the width and length of the space to get your square footage.  Some common spaces for most bathroom are 5×8 = 40 sq ft and 10×10 = 100 sq ft

Kitchen Remodeling Cost Estimator

Choose the quality of appliances that fit your needs and budget.  Basic and Mid Range will be sufficient for most homes and get you the best value for your dollar, while the Premium and Premium built-in represent top of the line appliances.  The Material Quality will represent the type of material you want in the Kitchen Details selected. For a remodel, take a length and width measurement of your kitchen. If new construction, make your best guess, or measure another room that would match the footprint you’re looking for.

Countertops Remodeling Cost Estimator

Toggle through the various counter materials to determine the type of counter you want.  If you see your countertop spanning multiple spaces you should make sure to estimate and add up all of those spaces for your project size.

New Flooring Remodeling Cost Estimator

Choose the flooring material that you want to quote then the size of the space that needs to be addressed.  Hardwood refinishing includes stripping existing hardwoods, and applying two coats of Urethane or Water-Based stain / clear coat.  The estimates do not include removing the old material.

Replacement Windows

Choose the type of windows that you see yourself wanting, and then enter the quantity of windows that will be part of the project.  Prices include Low-E / Argon gas, insulation around the frame and re-installing existing stops (inside trim). For vinyl windows, prices are calculated for mid-range quality, which includes welded frame and sashes.


Toggle between the different roofing materials (Asphalt, Metal, Flat) to determine what you want your roof to be built with.  Most roofs will require some sort of tear off prior to construction.


Select your material preference and then what kind of material would need to be removed from the existing structure.  Estimate the size of your exterior walls. To calculate the size of your siding job, take ground measurements of your home, add each side together, multiply by 2, and multiply by wall height (typically 9.5 ft. per level) and multiply by 1.05 if you have gable ends.


Specify is you will want an indoor or outdoor job.  Estimate the amount of surface repairs required. “None” will be rare for non-new construction.  Minimal would mean simply cosmetic or minor holes such as picture hanging holes. Medium would indicate larger holes and cracks in the walls.  Extensive would mean that there is damage throughout most spaces in the walls with significant cracking and crumbling and/or large holes.

Contact Treasured Spaces for a best estimate today!

The calculator can give you a good “ball park” estimate of the project you want to work on.  However the best estimate will come from a consultation where we can review your own home space or discuss what your ideal space would look like. Contact us today to get started on your project!