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At Treasured Spaces, we bring serious value, quality and attention to detail to every home remodeling or new construction project we take on. With a sense of pride and integrity, years of experience and first-class professionalism, we’re the local contractor you can trust to get the job done on time and on budget.

Custom homes are all the rage and for a good reason.

If you’re going to spend big money on a home and you can build a custom home for the same price as a used one, then why not!

But often, the hardest part about custom homes is getting started. You have to decide what builder to use, what materials, size, there are so many variables.

We’re here to be a resource and give you 7 custom home ideas to get you started on your building project. Don’t worry about being an expert. No-one has all the answers, so let’s see what we can learn!

Finding the Right Contractor

Before you can get into ideas, you have you to find the right contractor. Someone that understands the vision behind your project and that want’s to work with you. We’ve noticed that at times people aren’t happy with the contractor they’ve chosen. That should never be the case. It’s your hard-earned money going into the project.

You must understand a contractor’s job description when choosing who’s right for the job. What are they supposed to be doing for you, and what can you expect? A general contractor is your point of contact throughout the job. He or she is going to be hiring out the different tasks and managing your remodel or home building process. This individual could work for a company or be self-employed. Either way, an experienced contractor is going to have a good knowledge of every stage of the process.

It’s also essential that they’re willing to work with you throughout the process. Collaboration is the key to getting the perfect finished product. Make sure your contractor is willing to collaborate with you.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask questions. You shouldn’t be expected to know everything, and your contractor should be a useful resource for you to learn and understand more of what goes into the building process.

Without further ado – 7 custom home ideas!

1. A Hidden Room

This one is a favorite. From a secret layer for the kids to a man cave or office, a hidden room is a really fun idea. Just like the movies, this can be accomplished by having a moving bookshelf or second door inside a closet.

Hidden room behind library shelf.

This room can lead to a library, playroom for the kids, movie theater, or anything else you might dream up for the space. Have fun with it and don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild!

2. Built-in or Under-Stairs Shelving

No home is complete without proper shelving. There’s always a need for a bookshelf, shoe rack, or just a shelf for your own decorative needs. Most times, shelves are thought of after the home is built, but by being proactive, you can make a plan for some awesome built-in shelves. These shelves can be used as a focal point in the room, like the picture below. Or, you might also consider looking into hidden shelving like under-stair if it works with your floor plan. Under-stair can be a classy way to add shelves or a great way to hide some storage.

Built in shelves.

3. Kitchen or Reading Nooks

Everyone dreamed of having the perfect reading nook when they were a kid. There’s no doubt that this can be a great addition to your child’s bedroom. But, another great place to add a nook that isn’t always considered is the kitchen. A kitchen nook can add a cozy booth or a decorative sitting area in your kitchen that’s sure to become a favorite spot.

4. A Large Mudroom/Entryway

Whether you’re entering in from the garage or a patio, your mudroom will quickly become a central area in the home. And, it’s never fun when it starts to overflow with jackets, gloves, and boots in the winter. Thinking ahead will help you plan for this. Consider using some extra space for shelves, coat hangers, and closets. It might seem like it takes a lot of space out of the rest of your home, but if it means keeping the clutter out of sight, it’s totally worth it!

Home idea, mudroom or entryway.

5. An Upstairs Laundry Room

All too often, the laundry room is an afterthought and ends up in the basement or on the main floor. Both of these options pose a problem. Either you have to walk downstairs to do the laundry, which can be hard as you get older or have young kids. Or, on the main floor, a washer and dryer can add a lot of extra noise.

By creating an upstairs laundry room, you can eliminate going up and downstairs with dirty or clean laundry. You won’t be bothered by the noise of the laundry machines during the day or in the evenings. And, you’ll have more living space and entertaining space on the main floor, adding a lot of value to your home.

A great thing to note is that adding a laundry room to the upstairs is a great idea for a remodel project as well.

6. Add a Spa to the Master Bedroom

You might be thinking that this seems way over the top, but think about it! Wouldn’t it be great to be able to step into an in-home spa after a long workday or a morning workout? One of the best places in the house for this is, of course, the master bedroom. And if you’re only going to have at most two people in it, then you don’t have to worry about it taking up too much space. A less expensive way to achieve this same idea is to use a steam or rain shower, which also makes for a great master bathroom idea!

Another great thing to help make your master bedroom/bathroom perfect is a free-standing tub. These tubs have grown immensely in popularity and make a great focal point for your bathroom.

Free standing white bathtub

7. Basement Bar or Kitchen

Don’t forget about your basement when designing and dreaming up your new home. Adding a kitchen or bar can make all the difference in this space. The right thing in your basement can change it from the space that goes unused or is for storage to your favorite spot in the house. We love working on basements because they genuinely have unlimited potential and are too often overlooked.

Getting Started 

Now that you’re mind is rolling with ideas, make sure you get started. Write down the different things you’d want in your new custom home by going through every room on every level. That might sound like a bit much at first, but if you take the time to do it slowly, you’ll be glad you did.

Next, start looking into contractors and companies to help you get started, whether that means interviewing contractors or getting quotes. Make sure you do your research. You’re making a significant investment, and you’re going to want it to last.

Finally, stay involved. As much as it might seem like you can tell the builders your ideas and expect it to turn out great, all too often, that isn’t the case. By staying involved in your project, you can guarantee that your home turns into the dream that you want it to be.

Check out Treasured Spaces if you’re looking to build a custom home or remodel your current home. We’d love to work with you and help you create the home of your dreams!

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Josh Carlson

At Treasured Spaces, we bring serious value, quality and attention to detail to every home remodeling or new construction project we take on. With a sense of pride and integrity, years of experience and first-class professionalism, we’re the local contractor you can trust to get the job done on time and on budget.

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