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Josh Carlson

At Treasured Spaces, we bring serious value, quality and attention to detail to every home remodeling or new construction project we take on. With a sense of pride and integrity, years of experience and first-class professionalism, we’re the local contractor you can trust to get the job done on time and on budget.

Are you looking for the best trends for bathroom remodeling? You’re in the right place! In 2017, modern and minimal continue to be the preferred design choice – but what’s really making today’s look so unique are the personalized touches of texture, color, accents, amenities and accessories. Whether you’re undergoing a renovation or are looking for some decor inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of today’s trends to give your bathroom style a boost. If you’re preparing for an upcoming bathroom remodel, here’s your inspiration.

Porcelain Wood Tile

For a unique twist on the traditional tile look, try porcelain wood tile. With several colors and plank sizes to pick from, you can achieve any type of style, from contemporary to rustic. Another benefit is that porcelain will last much longer than real wood, is resistant to water, and requires only light maintenance and care.

Freestanding Tubs

Whether you choose a rustic clawfoot bathtub or a modern spa-treatment bathtub, choose a  freestanding style and you’ll be right in line with today’s bathroom trends. While you need ample space for this type of bathtub, if you can figure out how to squeeze it in, you’ll be hitting your design stride.

Hands-Free Faucet Fixtures

While usually reserved for commercial purposes, a hands-free faucet is a good way to reduce water waste at your residence. It’s simple to update your faucets by installing low-flow aerators on your new or existing faucets. This will cut back your water bill and makes washing up a breeze.

Forget Marble, Use Quartz or Porcelain

While marble may be the perceived pinnacle of luxury, you can achieve the same look at a fraction of the material cost by installing quartz or porcelain instead. Additionally, quartz and porcelain are stain-resistant and do not need to be sealed, saving you money on costly fixes down the road.

Darker Colors are In

Dark colors for your bathroom are in this year, and for good reason – they create a sense of relaxation and elegance. While black and gray may seem dull at first glance, these trendy bathroom colors come in a variety of shades and hues, presenting an almost endless amount of combinations that create a luxurious atmosphere.

Accent Furniture

While the bathroom may not be the first place you’d consider placing a fancy chair or ottoman, you may want to consider it for an added dose of coziness. It makes a perfect perch for painting your nails or waiting for the shower to warm up in the morning.

Smart Showers

Showers are making technological advances that are keeping up with the needs of the modern family. You can find showers with functions such as remembering your ideal water pressure and water temperature to built-in entertainment systems, complete with audio and even an LCD screen.

Freestanding Vanities

Freestanding vanities give your bathroom the personality it’s missing. They offer an escape from the traditional, boring bathroom cabinets and can be versatile style-wise. Search around resale shops or second-hand stores and you can find some vintage freestanding treasures.

White on White Never Goes Out of Style

The classic, clean, white-on-white bathroom will never go out of style! While some may consider an all-white color scheme boring, you can always spice it up with accents of color in the form of furniture, fixtures or decorations. With this style, you can even play with different tones of white, from eggshell to cream, to create a striking, monochromatic design.

Incorporating Natural Materials

Wood, metal, stone and ceramics are making a comeback in bathroom design a huge way. Try mixing in natural materials into your overall scheme to add a timeless feel to your bathroom. While most remodelers will stick to traditional tile, try something fresh and innovative with more natural materials.

Mixing it up with Textures

Texture is being incorporated to create interest, especially in monochromatic color schemes like the white-on-white style mentioned before. This includes textured wallpaper, tiles, glass and metals. Get creative by combining different textures, from fish scale shower tile to mosaic backsplash, there’s no limit to the unique patterns you can come up with!

Pamper Yourself with Heated Bathroom Floors

There’s nothing quite as nice as a heated bathroom floor on a cold morning. While a bit more expensive than traditional flooring, it’s a luxury that’s well worth it. Plus, it is easy to install, adds more value to your home and you can adjust energy settings to make the system as efficient as possible.

Unimposing Cabinets

While the bathroom trends of today include bold textures and tile patterns, unique materials and accent furniture, you’ll want to balance out the look with minimalist cabinet shapes. Clean cabinets with simple handles and knobs will keep your space from becoming too overbearing.

Water-saving Faucets

With the introduction of the government’s WaterSense label, similar to Energy Star, bathroom fixture manufacturers are getting smart about reducing faucet water waste. Pay a little more upfront for these and you’ll save big on your water bill in the years to come.

Low-Flow Toilets

In addition to water-saving faucets, low-flow toilets provide the benefit of saving money on your water bill. Try out a dual-flush toilet, which offers two different flushing options, allowing you to control your water waste and cut back on your water bill.

Round Mirrors

Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, but today’s trends are showing round mirrors as the clear winner. Whether you’re trying to achieve a glamorous or rustic look, you can make the space much more superior with a round mirror rather it’s lackluster rectangle counterpart.

Quirky Light Fixtures

The bathroom always seems like the last place to put something out of the ordinary. Why is that so? In 2017, give your bathroom the lighting makeover it’s been needing with a quirky fixture that brings your entire space together. Whether it’s a glamorous chandelier, a hanging globe light or a modern pendent, light fixtures are the perfect way to bring personality into your design scheme.

Integrated Sound System

Listening to music is the perfect way to start your day. Today, it’s fairly easy to integrate a wired or bluetooth sound system on your ceilings and walls – you can even buy a showerhead that has music streaming capabilities. If music is part of your daily routine, ask your local hardware store or remodeling contractor about the many bathroom sound system options available.

Honeycomb Tile

If you could define 2017 as a shape, it probably would be honeycomb. Remodelers are going for the unique, hexagon pattern in their tiled flooring and walls, creating a stunningly bold look. Keep things interesting by choosing a multi-colored pattern that captivates.

Long, Narrow Subway Tile

If honeycomb isn’t your first choice, another tile type that fits into the atypical shape trend of today are long, narrow subway tiles. Instead of the classic, thicker style, today’s updated take on subway tiles are sleek and contemporary, offering a wide array of colors and textures as well.

Keeping it Safe

For those remodelers designing with safety in mind, there are plenty of trends that apply to your situation. The most popular amenities for the bathroom for safety and comfort include: shower seats, smart shower lighting and no-threshold showers. Emerging amenities include smart toilets and toilet seats, voice assistance in the shower, easy maintenance features, and heated tiles.

Best of Luck with Your Bathroom Remodel!

Now that you have some inspiration, you can get your bathroom remodel started with confidence! Just follow the above tips and you’ll create the space that you’ve been dreaming of. Whether you’re taking on a full home renovation or just trying to give your bathroom an updated look, the trends of today include a mix of natural materials, bold patterns and textures, clean lines, simple color schemes and modern technology. In 2017, go with an overall modern and minimal look to ensure your bathroom style is in-line with today’s trends!

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Josh Carlson
Josh Carlson

At Treasured Spaces, we bring serious value, quality and attention to detail to every home remodeling or new construction project we take on. With a sense of pride and integrity, years of experience and first-class professionalism, we’re the local contractor you can trust to get the job done on time and on budget.

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