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At Treasured Spaces, we bring serious value, quality and attention to detail to every home remodeling or new construction project we take on. With a sense of pride and integrity, years of experience and first-class professionalism, we’re the local contractor you can trust to get the job done on time and on budget.

There are a lot of things to consider when you begin your search for a company to handle your kitchen remodel. With endless options out there, it may seem pretty daunting to narrow down your list to your ideal companies. We want to help with that! 

If you are worried about finding the best remodeler for your new kitchen, we’ve put together a quick guide to help you through the process. 

Finding a Reputable, Trustworthy Remodeling Company

When it comes to planning a kitchen remodel, you don’t want to go with just any remodeler or contractor company. You want someone with a lot of experience in that particular area who can deliver amazing results, at a reasonable price to you. 

A good company will have a lot of satisfied customers, who then turn into positive reviews and referrals online. A customer who had a great experience may leave their review on their own, or a company may ask them to, but either way, you should look for these testimonials online to get a true idea of what the company has and can do for you. Internet-savvy shoppers can peruse review sites like Google, Yelp, and even Facebook to see what past clients have said. Before you even contact a company, you can get a lot of information regarding their quality, price, and ethics just by reading reviews left by previous customers. Word of mouth can honestly be one of the most helpful tools you can find to choose the best company. 

Review and lead generation sites like Houzz and Home Advisor can also list the top-rated companies in your area, as well as pictures, videos, and descriptions of each company. It gives you a nice compiled list, so you don’t have to look too far, but the content may not be as genuine as those customer written testimonials you find on the more popular review sites. 

Another great way to utilize word of mouth to find the best company to work with is reaching out to friends and family and asking for recommendations. Even if people haven’t had renovations done themselves, they probably know someone who has and can tell you who the best company to work with is, or who to avoid. 

Questions to Ask Your Remodeler

Find a company who is transparent and open with you. A good remodeler should be straight with you, and happy to answer any questions you may have about the process. In fact, they are going to appreciate a prospective client who is active in their search and refuses to cut corners because they are looking for high-quality work. Consider asking some of these questions during your search for the right fit. 

  • Does your company have good insurance that provides adequate coverage, including workman’s comp and liability insurance? 
  • If I hire you, would you be willing to show me copies of these policies and make me a copy for my files?
  • How long have you been in business? How many years of experience do your employees have?
  • Do you put everything in writing? Can we sign a contract before any work begins? 
  • Will you give me an itemized list along with your initial estimate? 
  • What is an accurate timeline that I can expect for this project? Will you put that in writing? 

Remodelers who are unwilling to talk transparently with you about the process, and not put everything in official documents, may not be a stand-up company to work with. If they put an estimate on the back of a business card – run. If they aren’t taking the proper steps or precautions to give you a well inspected, thorough estimate at the beginning, they are likely to scam you into paying more than you need to in the end. 

Getting the Best Quote for Your Budget

When you start the process of requesting quotes from companies, it’s important to get a few bids for comparison. Getting three bids is a good start and is the recommended bare minimum for comparing estimates. Don’t just ask every company you find for a quote, start asking once you’ve narrowed down companies you think you want to end up working with based on other factors. 

It’s also a good idea to contact some suppliers and ask them what materials cost. Your contractors should be including the cost of materials in their estimates. Some contractors will try and get away with marking up the cost of materials. If you go in prepared, with knowledge of what the cost they offer you should be, you can make sure you are getting a reasonable price. 

Finally, keep in mind that the estimate they give you should be a good reflection of that company. If the quote doesn’t include everything you’ve asked for or includes things you didn’t ask for, that could be a red flag about how that company does business and the ethics of their process.

6 of the Best Kitchen Remodelers in the Twin Cities

To help you find the best kitchen remodeler for your project, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites, and some of the highest-rated kitchen remodelers in the area. This should help in your search!

North Star Remodeling

For 45 years, North Star Remodeling has worked with clients to transform their homes to fit their lifestyle better. They even have a showroom in St. Paul to see their amazing work for yourself before you ever get to work in your home. 

Location: 619 Selby Ave | St. Paul, MN 55102

Specialties: Kitchens, baths, additions, and major alterations 

Twin City Home Remodeling

As a local family-owned business, Twin City Home Remodeling knows the importance of family, and welcome you into their own as they work on your home. Focused on quality and strong communication, they will be with you every step of the way during your project. 

Location: 85 3rd Avenue S.E. New Brighton, MN 55112

Specialties: Kitchens, bathrooms, windows, and exteriors

Crystal Kitchen & Bath

For 45 years, Crystal Kitchen & Bath has strived to give the best design and customer service in the industry, all while making your home and kitchen more accessible, and suited to your lifestyle. They do everything from the initial design concept, to building custom cabinetry. They are a good option for a fully customizable design experience. You can also check out their 8,800 square foot showroom for inspiration. 

Location: 3620 Winnetka Ave. N. Minneapolis, MN 55427

Specialties: Kitchens with customized cabinetry, bathrooms, laundry, entertainment areas, and fireplaces

White Crane Construction

White Crane Design:Build has been providing well-rounded design concepts, transparent pricing, and construction since 2002. Their award-winning work is shown through exceeding customer’s expectations and having a 6-step process to cover all the bases. 

Location: 5001 28th Avenue S. Minneapolis, MN 55417

Specialties: Kitchens, attics, second stories, master suites, and additions

Treasured Spaces

We do everything from bathrooms, to porches, to adding a level to your home, but kitchens are one of our specialties. We have been renovating kitchens in Minneapolis for years and know the ins and outs of renovating in very old, to very new structures. Our design process lets you get a 3D visual before we ever do any amount of demolition. 

Location: Minneapolis, MN 

Specialties: 3D renderings of design for kitchens, bathrooms, additions, basement remodels, and other general contracting projects

Your kitchen is the heart of your home and a focal point of your family’s everyday life. A well-designed kitchen can create an amazing environment for good food and conversation while also adding immense value to your home. You are going to spend a lot of time here, so making it functional as much as it is beautiful is a crucial component to have and makes it all the more important to find a contractor that will cater to your every need. We hope these tips and companies help in your search, but always be sure to be smart, read reviews, reach out to references, and choose wisely! 

For more information, call us any time for a free consultation, and we can guide you through the steps it takes to renovate your kitchen, and more. 



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Josh Carlson

At Treasured Spaces, we bring serious value, quality and attention to detail to every home remodeling or new construction project we take on. With a sense of pride and integrity, years of experience and first-class professionalism, we’re the local contractor you can trust to get the job done on time and on budget.

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