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At Treasured Spaces, we bring serious value, quality and attention to detail to every home remodeling or new construction project we take on. With a sense of pride and integrity, years of experience and first-class professionalism, we’re the local contractor you can trust to get the job done on time and on budget.

We all have that dream bathroom — the one with his and hers sinks, a jacuzzi tub, and professional salon-style lighting. Turn your outdated counters and bathtub into your dream bathroom with these luxurious remodel ideas. 

Floating Sink

Floating sinks can create the illusion of more space in even the smallest of bathrooms. By mounting the sink to the wall, it creates a lot of space underneath. You can choose to mount a sink only, with exposed plumbing, or a small vanity mounted as well, for minimal storage. Elevating the vanity off the floor makes it easier to clean your bathroom floors, and embraces modern minimalism in your new and improved bathroom

Backlit Mirror

Make wall sconces a thing of the past with a backlit mirror. Integrating lighting behind your mirror gives it dimension, by giving an even greater illusion of it coming off the wall. It also creates great lighting that makes doing make-up and shaving easier. It can create less harsh lighting than vanity lights as well. Install a dim switch for a nice calm bath, or brighten the lights for getting ready for a night out in the evening. 

Black Toilet and Sink

For a sleek, sophisticated bathroom – think about getting a black toilet and sink. A colored toilet may seem like a bit retro, like in your Grandma’s teal or pink 1970s bathroom. A black toilet, sink, and tub stand out as super unique, and super sleek. Some of the coolest bathrooms around the world showcase black ceramics as another option for a luxurious feel. 


Oh yes, that’s right, get a bidet! Bidets were invented centuries ago in France, usually used by royalty and sophisticated members of society. Bidets have been making their way into homes everywhere with the invention of detachable bidets that can attach right under your toilet’s lid. No need to splurge on an actual new toilet if you don’t want to! Feel luxuriously clean with this addition to your new bathroom. 

No-Touch Faucet

If public restrooms get to have no-touch faucets, then why couldn’t you have one at home?! Touchless faucets can come in all the same styles and finishes as any other faucet, and help to keep your countertops free from water and wet handles. Keep a germ-free faucet, and wow your guests with your touch-free enhancement!

Rain Shower Head

Feel like you’re in a shampoo commercial with your very own rain showerhead. A rain showerhead can be installed in your new bathroom even without having to replace the entire tub or shower. If your ceiling is high enough, put an extension on your plumbing for the new showerhead and wash your hair in a blissful rain shower. They even come with integrated color-changing lights for a truly luxurious experience.

Heated Floors

In the dead of winter, we want to be nice and cozy in our homes, and especially in the bathroom. Stepping out of the tub or shower into the chilly air ruins the relaxation you just experienced. Imagine stepping on heated floors when you wake up in the morning, or step out of the shower into the cooler air — sounds amazing. Set your towels on the heated tile for a nice warm-up. Nothing says luxury like some warm towels! 

Recessed Lighting

Installing recessed lighting fixtures in your bathroom can make it feel upscale and sheek. They are really great to install in the actual shower, so no more shaving in the dark! They are easy to clean, and gather much less dirt and dust than a wall sconce or vanity light. Simply wipe the bulb clean every so often, and no need to unscrew and remove an entire fixture. These also work with dim light switches and can give a nice direct light, kind of like track lighting but less harsh.

Stand-Alone Tub

A stand-alone washtub or bathtub, if you have room, is a beautiful addition to any bathroom. Once a vintage look, the stand-alone tub is becoming more and more modernized with high walled, white ceramic tubs, that are not clawfoot. A modern hammered copper basin tub can give your new remodel the gorgeous rustic feel you always dreamed of. You can completely relax in your stand-alone bathtub knowing it is separate from where the entire family takes their baths and showers — it’s just for bliss and relaxation. What a dream!

Make-up Vanity

Doing your hair and/or make-up at the bathroom counter is not always easy, whether it’s poor lighting or very little space. Adding a vanity just for getting ready in the morning can make all the difference when it comes to starting your day right. A make-up vanity can also act as storage, and can make rushed mornings easier when you and your spouse are trying to share the same counter space. Plus, it just makes getting ready for a night out that much more fun. 


A chandelier in your bathroom does not have to be just a vision in your dreams – make it a reality! A chandelier in the bathroom doesn’t mean you have to get this giant, crystal piece either. People use chandeliers of all varying finishes, colors, and sizes to bring a beautiful spa-like feel to the bathroom. If you want to keep things simple, and uncluttered, a chandelier can act as a centerpiece for the entire room to bring it together. In those mornings when the sun shines in the window, you can have your very own prism rainbow to wake up to. 

Lounge Chair

Who says you can’t put furniture in the bathroom?! A lounge chair or chaise lounge in your newly remodeled bathroom can be agreat way to extend some “me” time, or turn it into the dirty laundry chair — whatever works for you. Back in the day, chaise lounges, or fainting lounges in the powder room were there for women to lay and catch their breath from their corsets being too tight. Now you can use it for resting while the kids take a bath, putting your socks on, or just waiting for your flat iron to heat up. It gives a nice homey feel to a room not normally used for relaxing — you can change that!

Fog-free Mirror

One of the most annoying things that happen in the bathroom is the mirror fogging up, which is especially cumbersome when you can’t fully reach the mirror to wipe it off, or you are left with unsightly streaks! No one wants that. So, some genius invented fogless mirrors. That’s right, no more wiping a space to see yourself on the mirror, or having to crack the door or window to release steam. But how do they work?! There are a few different kinds of fogless mirrors, equally as amazing. First, the hot water from the steam is redirected to behind the mirror, and used to raise its temperature to match the air — this means no condensation! The others either have thermal backings that heat the mirror to the temperature of the room, or are pre-treated with a chemical that helps resist the steam. 

Tile “Rug”

Are you planning on putting tile in your new remodel? Consider putting a tile “rug” design in the center. If you have a larger floor plan, you often place a rug just to fill the space, so it feels finished. However, rugs in the bathroom can get wet, gross, and have to be washed often. Designing a rug pattern in your floor tile can give the illusion of a rug, and really tie the room together without having to actually place a bathmat for aesthetics. Of course, it’s always nice to have a mat to stand on and dry your feet, but for a luxurious take on design – try a tile rug. 

Accent Wall or Ceiling

Every one always says that painting a small room with dark colors can shrink the space. This may be true, but that’s why an accent wall or accent ceiling painted a darker color can be the ultimate upgrade and compromise to adding a pop of color to your remodeled bathroom. Paint may not seem like something that screams luxury, but dark royal blues and greens can bring your bathroom up a few notches on the design scale. Add some vintage style molding to the ceiling, and paint it gold or light blue for a vintage powder room look. Curved moldings on the ceiling can also give the illusion that it is taller than it actually is, giving your bathroom a major upgrade!


The only thing missing from a candlelit bubble bath is a glass of wine, and a fireplace next to your jacuzzi tub. Fireplaces in the master bedroom are very 60s and 70s aesthetic, but they scream luxury and sophistication. In our cold winter months, how nice would it be to have your warm bath, with a few of the crackling fireplace from your pure relaxation zone – just to walk into your bedroom in a robe to that same crackling fire? If your remodel allows you the ability to put a gas or wood-burning fireplace in the bathroom, do it! There are also wall-mounted “fireplace” heaters that give the same aesthetic, without the hassle. Make your bathroom a rustic cabin feel with a fireplace, and you will be immediately transported to a remote cabin landscape. 

Art Pieces

The bathroom needs art just as much as the rest of your house. When you’re remodeling your bathroom, try installing some art installations on the walls, or shadow boxes where you can put small sculptures and moisture safe art pieces for you and your guests to enjoy. Ceramic and glass pieces work great in the bathroom, and photos or prints with a frame and sealed back are also great additions. Stay away from things like oil paintings or canvas — things that would be susceptible to mildew or moisture that could ruin the art. Plants can also be a great addition to your bathroom, giving it a natural aesthetic, that also allows tropical plants to thrive in warm conditions! Build your own oasis with beautiful art, plants, and design just the way you want. Don’t’ let the fact that it’s the bathroom be a deterrent from design and art. 

Your dream bathroom remodel is just a few updates away. Treasured Spaces loves to make people’s dreams a reality when it comes to your home. We can design a 3d rendering of your bathroom ideas, and include everything from the paint colors, to the plants you want, to your dream shower — give us a call anytime for a free consultation! 




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Josh Carlson

At Treasured Spaces, we bring serious value, quality and attention to detail to every home remodeling or new construction project we take on. With a sense of pride and integrity, years of experience and first-class professionalism, we’re the local contractor you can trust to get the job done on time and on budget.

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