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At Treasured Spaces, we bring serious value, quality and attention to detail to every home remodeling or new construction project we take on. With a sense of pride and integrity, years of experience and first-class professionalism, we’re the local contractor you can trust to get the job done on time and on budget.

When you’re starting to outgrow your current living space, you have a couple options to choose from. You can decide to pack things up and look for a new home, one that is more accommodating to the size of your family and the possessions you own –  which is always a big decision and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The other option you should consider is adding a new room to your home.

A home addition is a great alternative to moving if you’re not ready to leave your current residence, or just don’t have the budget to do so. At Treasured Spaces, we’ve done our fair share of home additions and we’ve seen first hand the positive impact a fresh new room can have for the overall look, feel, and comfort of the house. To help you decide if a new room is right for you, here is a list of 10 benefits adding a new room can have for you and your home.

Create More Space for Your ‘Stuff’

Yes, we can all be found guilty of having a bit too much ‘stuff’ every now and then. Sometimes, that’s just the way things work out, especially as your family continues to grow. Americans have a habit of storing lots of items inside their homes (like bikes, workout equipment, pictures and more). Some people may decide that when their house is too cramped, they’ll get rid of some of their possessions. However, if you’re using everything in your home enough to warrant keeping it, then a home addition is the great way to free up some space for all your stuff.

Add a Whole New Element to Your Home

We worked with a client to create a barre studio addition, allowing them to have space to workout without leaving home.

Not only are you creating more space for all our possessions, but you’ll be creating a whole new area for your home, making your home more dynamic and versatile where more activities are possible.

For example, if you have workout equipment in the living room, a new additional room could be turned into workout room. If you have too many books, a new room can be turned into small personal library or a study. Offices also make for a great addition, especially if you work from home and need to be productive. The possibilities are truly endless. 

A Larger Area for a Growing Family

When your family was small, your home was the perfect size. But now that there are some additional family members under your roof, it’s time for an upgrade. While you can get away with having your younger kids sharing rooms, eventually they’ll want their own space. An additional room will help give everyone in the family some extra space.

Going back to the versatility of a new room, when your kids start moving out of the house, you can turn the space into something that you need, like an office.

Add Luxury

One of the most exciting aspects about adding a room is the chance of adding some luxurious features to your home. If you’re going to add a room, you might as well make it worthwhile and create a space that looks good and is functional.

A new bath is the perfect addition to any home, offering a new location to relax and unwind


A lot of people will opt for the bathroom of their dreams when deciding on what type of addition to add. At Treasured Spaces, we’ve worked with many clients to help bring their ideal bathrooms to life.

Room Additions Are Cheaper Than Moving

Moving is costly. The costs of a realtor, moving, and purchasing new furniture and home decor can all add up. Not to mention, the process can be very stressful.

A room addition is a cheaper option that will allow you to not only save money, but you will also avoid the stress of moving. Because you get to create the room from scratch, it will be easy for you to work with a contractor or remodeling company to layout a room plan that fits within your budget while still accomplishing what you want. The customizable aspect of room additions is one of the best benefits they will provide for you and your family.

More Room to Entertain Guests

There is certainly a growing trend with homeowners trying to make their houses more accommodating of guests for social occasions, and a home addition can help turn your home into the go-to destinations for wine or game nights. Whether you want to create a new room or just add on, a bigger family room or dining room can be a great location for entertaining company. 

After all, once you add your new room, you’ll want to show it off to everyone!

Craft Room- Specialty Project
This room addition works as a great hangout spot for friends and family.

Add Value to Your Home

One benefit that should definitely be on your mind is that adding a room with also add value to your home. If adding value to your home is one of the key reasons for creating a new room, then you should make sure that you’re new addition is flexible enough to be transformed into a space that future potential buyers will be interested in.

So, if you’re adding a room for the sole purpose of increasing your home’s value, then make sure you’re paying attention to the market and what the demand is for specific rooms. Overall, keep in mind that the more purposes a room has, the more value it will offer to your home.

Rent Out the Space

If you decide to build a new bedroom or guest room, you can get some of that money back by renting out the space. There are some excellent avenues you can utilize to make your new space accessible for travelers, such as Airbnb. Whether you’re thinking of renting it out for a couple weekends a year or even a few weeks at a time, you can lesson the original cost of the addition through renting. Obviously, this route won’t work for everyone, but it is definitely an option.

If you are considering using Airbnb or similar sites for renting your space, take a look at this helpful list of things to consider before becoming and Airbnb host

Add Natural Light With a Sunroom

custom home living room
Natural light isn’t only good for plants, but also for you!


One benefit people often don’t consider is the opportunity to add some natural light with a sunroom. Sunrooms are a very common type of room because of how it can add to the aesthetic of the home. Windows in a sunroom with all for more light in your home, which makes for a great spot to relax and hang out with the family. If you have plants in your home, a sunroom will create a healthy environment for your plants to grow all year long. Enjoy the feeling of being outside without sweating in the dog days of summer, or freezing in the winter.

Create a New, Refreshing Home Experience

There is just something exciting and refreshing about adding a new element to your home. Adding a new room will help make your home even more perfectly-suited for you and your family. People who decide that they want an addition to their home are trying to solve a problem, and they’ve been thinking about adding a new room for awhile now but haven’t pulled the trigger. Once you finally do, and can check it off your to-do list, you’ll be happy you did and you will also have a newfound appreciation for your home. 

Treasured Spaces – Minnesota’s Premier Home Addition Service

If you’re tired of cramming too much stuff or too many people into one small area, call Treasured Spaces today to talk with us about our home addition services. Our streamlines approach will make the project hassle free and easy for you. 

We offer a number of different solutions in home addition, including:

  • Extra bedrooms, guest rooms or bathrooms for more comfort
  • Expanded basement, garage or man cave for the guys
  • Porches, patios or decks for enjoying Minnesota summers
  • Bigger family room or dining room for entertaining
  • Restaurant-quality, chef’s kitchens for unbeatable cooking

We’ll work alongside you every step of the way, from concept to execution. We’ll ensure that your goals are met and that the addition to your home is one that you’ll be proud of.

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Josh Carlson

At Treasured Spaces, we bring serious value, quality and attention to detail to every home remodeling or new construction project we take on. With a sense of pride and integrity, years of experience and first-class professionalism, we’re the local contractor you can trust to get the job done on time and on budget.

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